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If you have further questions, please send an e-mail to alex at this domain.

Frequently Asked Questions


I just don't get it. How can I create my own blummy?
How secure is blummy?

Browser related

I cannot drag blummy to my bookmarks of my Internet Explorer.
I have another browser, but I can't drag it either.
The close button does not seem to work.
Can I have blummlets open in a new window/tab?


When I open blummy it does not look like the one I have just configured.
I still don't get what I've configured.


What's the blummyWiki?

The blummyWiki is a personal notebook that can be used to store any textual information.

It's called Wiki because any page in it can be edited and an indefinite number of pages can be created. To see how to use the blummyWiki, see the next question.

How do I use the blummyWiki?
Can I access the blummyWiki as a normal page, too?


I'd like to have an icon for blummy in my toolbar. Is this possible?
What about making it a Firefox extension?